How to kick your new venture off virtually risk free!

Go from a dream into reality


Make your own folder, step by step, visualise and take action


We cover the essentials, marketing and finance, but also give you new models to think about your business.


  • How to start a business with 20 Euro, or your own limited liability company for under 1000 Euro, including business cards, flyers, and a website.


  • How to be profitable from the start


  • How an Entrepreneur thinks


Sometimes it is helpful to not be alone. Business partners, coaches, and surrounding yourself with like minded people can be very helpful.


For the adventurous, getting capital and financing requires you start taking action. Get in the game, meet people, follow through.


200 years ago most families or individuals were involved in their own businesses. Actually this has been the natural process of work for thousands of years.


Come and find out how exciting and easy it can actually be, it may open up new possibilities you had never considered

And another unrelated bit of information....

Perhaps I understand your journey. I hope to be motivating, I intend to deliver knowledge and insight, and indeed help you in some small way along your journey.

Perhaps if you're struggling, perhaps if you feel like a one man band that is responsible for everything, then perhaps we have something in common, because that is how I felt once, and how many people feel today, so you are not alone in this struggle.


It is my intention on this workshop to share my thoughts and feelings on business intelligence, financial awareness, how I moved from financial pain to financial pleasure.

There are many people out there struggling financially but I believe when you start making the states(explained later), and taking the steps on the journey from financial pain to financial pleasure it becomes a process of alchemy, as soon as you deeply decide to change, immediately the universe acts to lessen your pain, once you decide once and for all that you're going to improve this area of your life.


My journey started when I realised that if I wanted a better life, it would be up to me to get it. I love the quote from Og Mandino when he said;


"Remember that the most difficult tasks are consummated, not by a single explosive burst of energy or effort, but by consistant daily application of the best you have within you.


To change one's life for the better, to resurrect one's body and mind from living death, requires many positive steps, one in front of the other, with your sights always on your goal"


There are many areas and skills, my goal with this workshop was to look at those areas and skills, to discover how to communicate them, and to consolidate those into understandable units.

So far I think there are three areas, Money skills, Business Intelligence, and the hardest of all, Personal Alchemy. This is the transmutation and development of our own beliefs and values to align with the all powerful metaphysical rules of the universe that dictate basically our rewards. When you are in alignment, it flows, when you are not, thats when all the pain happens.


Then we approach the business intelligence area with a key concept, Multiple Streams of Income. This is a great concept because you can start very small, with a very small stream you can build up from nothing, to a more solid and stable stream, and then get it running on its own (which takes a further step) before moving on to create another.


There are three basic rules before you start doing this. The fundamental rules of multiple streams of income are the following.


1. The measure of money in your business should reflect the amount of value that your business is providing in the marketplace. If you are providing value, but not many people know about it, that might be an area to start asking positive searching questions about.


2. It takes constant regular effort. Never think that you can get what you want to with little effort.

That effort is not generally what people think it is. It is not physical effort, what you will need to do is make a picture in your mind of what you wish to accomplish, what you need to be, what kind of things will you be doing, and play these images over and over in your mind. Hold one or two powerful pictures that you develop in your mind, that represent that outcome. Then you list all the reasons why you want it, who will you become through doing it, what will it bring for the people in your life, the people you love, or will love?

How will your life improve?

What you will need build through this process is a burning obsession, a magnificent obsession, something that drives you, all those reasons around why you want this beautiful thing that will make your life better.

Then every day when you wake up, that's what you want to be doing. You want to be doing what you love, you want to be providing value to people, you want to be moving forward every single day in that direction. Some days it will feel like you are swimming backwards, some days drowning, others days resting on the bank of the river, but your magnificant obsession is with you always, giving you a deep warm feeling that your life has purpose and meaning.


3. Make Business Intelligence part of you. The basis of this is understanding a few key fundamentals. I will give you an example, understanding the business calculation.

This is very simple. All you need is basic maths of plus, minus and perhaps multiplication, as well as practicing the process mentally a few times. You take the realistic potential income from whatever it is that you want to do, minus the expense of doing it, and then look to see if it is a profit or a loss. Weigh up your time involved, and the effort and energy, and ask yourself if you could be happy with the result. I tend to also include learning. I would take a break-even deal, or a small loss if I can learn something valuable, but maybe thats just me.


The last area is Alchemy. That would have to be another website.


Remember that everything you say, is simply a reflection of who you are.


Love ya,


An Alchemist, Andrew Porteous.