7 Alchemist Levels exist, your finances will automatically improve as you work through the levels.
We can show you the way to level up, it will require more work on your part than money.

Are you prepared to put in the work?
If you are, your life can improve in the following areas:

·         No longer part of the “Rat Race”, (commuting, politics, bowing to bosses)

·         You will be in a great position to help others, including family and friends

·         More time and resources to explore your skills and abilities, passions and dreams

·         The ultimate unemployment insurance

·         Extra spending money

·         Freedom to pursue entrepreneurial ventures

·         Retire early, or work because you want to, not have to.

·         Spend more time with your family

·         Peace of mind

Satisfaction, pride, and a lifetime of patting your own back

I will guide and help you through the levels

How do I get started?

For many people, they will intuitively pick out what is needed for them. What many have found, including myself, is that it is no use at all to dream large and keep banging your head against a wall trying to break through it. How about a ladder where you could take one step at a time – and still get over the wall, without all the headaches!


Perhaps the most efficient way might be to know what your problem is, or what your goals are. When you have written those down – then things become a lot clearer. The next step would be to read through the definitions below at each level and determine where you stand right now.

After that you will wish to enter the training modules of the level where you are. This can be done alone, simply by paying a small monthly fee of 3,95 Euro and studying when you have time, or joining a group of other individuals that are also at your level, this would cost an aditional amount per month of 9,95 Euro. Of course there are many free videos and articles which you do not have to pay for.


Your first goal is simply the next Alchemist Level. Now we have a goal (point B) and where you are right now (point A). Perhaps you knew these things already? That is great. So why are you not at point B already? Well, there are many possible reasons. Most of them will do with yourself. If you find yourself saying that is wrong, there are other reasons, then please start with the article on “Being proactive” because if you focus on what you can influence, that is generally a good place to start.



The Motivation to Start


Can you visualize what it would look and ever have to worry about Money Ever again?


Bills are always paid, you never have to think which Side of the menü to choose from, and what is more important, you have a healthy way of dealing with money so that it flows to you and expands rather than disappearing before the end of the month! 


The Alchemist believes that all effort has side effects. 


The effort you give to your financial situation will have other benefits, in other Areas of your Life, which sometimes you recognize only later.


Changing is easier when you absorb the process of physical and energetic alchemy. 


Change for the Better Starts with a thought, desire, commitment to small action, a simple plan, follow through, review what went right and what could be better, and then repeat the process.


It is very important that you under achieve in the beginning, that means taking baby steps. Crawl, wobble, walk, run, fly. Two steps forward, one step back, why keep frustrating yourself by any other method? 



            The 7 steps of Financial Alchemy 





Definition: I don’t know that I don’t know. All I know is that I am in pain. I am frustrated that I never get ahead, no matter what I do. I am in debt over my head, and things just seem to always get worse. I have tried saving but used the money for an “emergency”. I am too proud to ask for help, but really don’t know where to turn. No one reading this, is at this level, because you are here. That means you are at least at level 2. Tin is a state. There are no modules or learning criteria because as soon as you realise the definition fits you, and you are here, paying member or not, you are aware there is more to learn.


This awareness automatically jumps you to the next level.









Definition: I know my financial situation could be better, there is not enough month at the end of the money. I realize I can do something to avoid it. I should budget and save, it just takes so much discipline. I also need to increase my income, because I am not going anywhere on the income I have now. I am ready to learn as long as I don’t have to pay much for it.






Definition: My job pays the bills. We can go on holiday. I have put a little away in saving, we are stable, it’s not completely solid, but I am happy. I am starting to think about more I could do. This is a good base, but if anything happened to my job…






Definition: An example: We have set aside some reserves. If I lost my job, we could survive for a year at least, plenty of time to find another job. We are invested in a few shares. I have a retirement plan, my partner also works. Things are looking quite good long term.






Definition: An example: We have almost paid off our house mortgage. Our expenses are not great, we have enough saving and investments to live at least a year if we stopped working. We can afford to go out to a restaurant at least once a month and not worry about the price. We have a nice home, 2 nice cars, both paid off. Life is good. We go on nice holidays at least twice a year. We can afford good schools for our children.






Definition: At Silver level the additional difference above the other levels is that now you do not need/have to work. Your income from your investments covers the expenses you and your family have every month. To check you have reached this level take your monthly expenses figure (normally what you budget every month) and subtract the passive monthly income from assets like real estate, dividends, businesses you do not actively manage, interest received etc. When this figure is “0” you have reached silver level.









 Definition: Your passive income has reached a level whereby you simply don’t worry about what you spend anymore. Money is not important, other things become more important. Of course you are not going to go and blow a million on the futures market just for fun, your habits are ingrained, you have moved on.






This is the level of Mastery. To work on mastery it is often best to teach others, by definition, a master has students. This refines your own abilities and allows you to also learn from others by obtaining new input and alternative ideas and methodologies. This level is purely voluntary, therefore not an 8th level, all income earned by those volunteering to help other “students” or pilgrims on their journey goes towards either a charity of the pilgrims choice, or of the master. Remember that through the practice of Alchemy, the benefits are in the journey. Be the destination.




Drink from the well my Son, for it is refreshing, Drink from the well, my daughter, it is à blessing.

Everything you are looking for is within you.

                                                                                  -An Alchemist