AM Training seeks to provide a clear step-by-step process of Alchemy from financial pain to financial pleasure.

We dedicate ourselves to increasing the financial intelligence of the planet and to providing individuals with information, knowledge, and enabling wisdom.

This is done through Videos, Articles, Interactive Courses, podcasts, Ebooks and Video Packages, Forums, Community Support and Individualised Coaching. Also connection and interaction with esteemed affiliates.


To provide Hope, motivation and the belief that you have a purpose, you have your own successful  individual path to follow in this life. We help you transfer the spiritual or energetic knowledge and wisdom into matter or physical realisation. To transform the energy of thought and purpose into action through specific and motivational information surrounding the theme of personal financial development.

There is a beauty and power in the ability to create your own goals, to make something from nothing, to turn base thoughts into winning gold. This is what this business is about.

We will have truly succeeded with this mission when we have 10,000 subscribers, and 1000 individuals have completed the 7 step system